Interesting Tip To Help You Save

Treat yourself, but use it as an opportunity to save.
 Match the cost of your nonessential indulgences in savings. So, for example, if you splurge on a smoothie while out running errands, put the same amount into your savings account.
And think of it this way, if you can’t afford to save the matching amount, you can’t afford the treat either.

Monday Motivation: Frame Your Financial Goals

You have started saving, but will you have enough to buy a house 10 years down the line, or even a car five years hence? People tend to save aggressively and invest with extreme vigour, but do so blindly, jeopardising their goals.
This is a mistake common to most investors, irrespective of the age group. The next step then is to frame your goals. Don’t just make a mental note of the things you want to finance, but write these down in detail.
Split your goals into three categories: short-, medium- and long-term goals. Then list each one clearly, along with the number of years to achieve each, and the exact amount you will need. Once you have penned down your goals, you will be able to determine how much and for how long you will need to invest. Read more at: //

Resolutions To Help You Save Money In The New Year

Find ways to generate side income: 
Picking up extra income can be a wonderful financial resolution. In a suffering economy, the peace of mind and supplemental income that comes with a second job or side business can be a great buffer against the stresses of economic strife.
Even an extra hundred dollars a month can be a great way to reach other financial goals like paying down debt, making an extra mortgage payment or starting an emergency fund.
Start a rainy day fund: 
If you don’t already have one, it’s a worthy New Year’s Resolution to start one. We are living in uncertain times and you  want to be ready for any form of emergency. Imagine if you lost your job but still had to cater for your living experiences?
You want to be able to have a ready solution. And in Zimbabwe, it’s even better if your rainy day fund is in hard currency since our financial climate is rather uncertain. Make sure you set aside enough to take care of your specific needs.
Invest in your retirement: 
These  days it’s hard to trust someone else with your future planning and so it is very important to plan for the day when you can no longer earn an income but need  to pay for all sorts of things. Work will have stopped but life will continue and with it comes rent, transport, food costs, etc.
Setting aside money for the future, even if it’s just in a savings account can start you on the path to a financially secure retirement.
Build a budget: 
Starting off the year with a budget is an easy resolution and your budget doesn’t have to be in a fancy spreadsheet with graphs and charts. A simple, handwritten list of expenses and incomes can get you started, and can be expanded later if needed.
The hard part of this resolution is committing yourself to watching, modifying, and adhering to your budget over the course of the year. Consider putting your budget in an easy to see place like your refrigerator or computer desktop so that it will be a constant reminder of your financial goals and your commitment to those goals. #2019 #moneygoals #moneylenders

A Few Ways to Kick Start

The New Year has started and with it comes the desire for change. Here are a few simple ways you can employ to kick start the new Year.
Clear the Clutter:
We accumulate a lot in our day to day  lives and most of these things are seasonal. There comes a time when they no longer have much use or they have simply been outgrown.
There is no need to throw anything away though, there is always someone who needs the thing that you don’t  so you  can give these things away. Mind though that these items  are gently used, you wouldn’t want to give away something you would not be happy to receive.
You  will also benefit for a deep cleaning of your space. Have the carpets washed, the walls scrubbed etc. Talk about a fresh start!
Take out some of those canned foods you do not see yourself using soon and give them to someone who will benefit from their immediate availability.
Do a Social Media/Digital Cleanse:
Social Media is a great tool for community, family or business but it has its downfalls and there are times that you need to just let go some of your contacts. The interwebs can be a toxic space to navigate and you do not want anything to compromise your health in the new year.
It might also be worth your while to go through your phone contacts and delete the unnecessary, back up the important things like your photos of the holiday and clear up some space. This will optimize  your gadget’s speed and battery life as well.
Take your Car for Service:
We spend quite a lot of time in our cars and it saves us a lot of time and money in the long run to make sure they are running at optimum level. If that’s not an option immediately, then maybe a nice  professional clean and oil check will serve you well.
Set Some Goals:
You are the author of your story so it makes sense to put down all your desired outcomes and make sure you internalise them, this is the first step.
Practice Yoga/Meditation:
We live in such a fast paced world that we need to  consciously take a step back and slow down. Yoga improves health, increases flexibility, promotes a balanced metabolism, can help with weight loss or maintenance, improves energy, and the list of benefits goes on and on.
Meditation can positively impact mental and physical health whether it’s by reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships.
So go on, have a Happy New Year!!!